Saturday, 27 December 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho, Part 2

Well despite my fears our department remained very quiet over the Christmas holidays. I don't think anyone died with us, we only had about half a dozen overdoses and most of the patients went home. Even better, the hospital had beds so no one waited too long. After my post of Christmas eve about having back pain and requiring a TENS machine I was a bit put out that the first 3 patients who attended on Christmas morning had back pain but had not bothered to take painkillers. We had loads of food, one girl made a superb home made soup and one of the doctors made a superb curry using his mum's recipe which was very tasty and there were chocolates and nibbles and cakes. I have not had a proper healthy meal for 2 days. But I managed to get away early on Christmas day.

Aren't Amazon wish lists a wonderful thing? This year I got loads of books and DVDs that I really wanted, brilliant (Note to family; sorry about the comments I made about you on 17th December). For some reason my wife has given me a guitar so I felt quite adolescent for a time as I used to play guitar when I was younger but this will keep me busy relearning how to play. Unfortunately I don't have the hair that I had when I first got a guitar (shoulder length) and I now have twice the stomach.

I hope you all had a peaceful and happy time, I hope that Santa was good to you and if I don't post before it, I hope you have a happy New Year and if you are working I hope it remains civilised.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho.

How did you spend Christmas Eve Grumpy?

Wired up to a TENS machine thank you. Over 25 years of humping patients about means my back is knackered and hurts on a fairly regular basis.

I have a load of presents sitting under my tree and as I will be working all day Christmas day I will open a few tonight. I will also open a few tins of cider and perhaps a bottle of wine.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas and if you are working I hope it is civilised for you - I will not use the Q word.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

IT and Merry Chistmas

Hi everyone, sorry I have not posted recently but I have been having discussions with our IT department. I asked them about the hospital's policy on blogging and the answer was really what I expected, "Don't do it as you will breach patient confidentiality". Since this report about a doctor abusing the IT system came out there has been a bit of a crack down on IT stuff so I am keeping my head down. I have had a load of things to write about but unfortunately they are too easily recognisable to people. As there are only 5 million people in Scotland and only 5 large cities local stories tend to stick out and therefore identities become known. Once some time has passed and people have forgotten and I can figure out a way to tell the stories without identifying anyone I will write them.

It's almost Christmas - Ho! F'n Ho! - I am of the persuasion that Ebeneezer Scrooge was a badly misunderstood man, I am definitely a Christmas? Bah Humbug! person. This year I am working so I will have to put up with jollity from my colleagues and the result of what happens when people are being happy from my patients. I'm quite sure there will be broken bones, RTA's punch ups and the odd heart attack to keep us busy.
Bit of nostalgia now, in Scotland Christmas was never a holiday. Our holiday was New Year. I remember getting up on Christmas morning going out on the bike I received from Santa and delivering papers, Christmas was a working day in Scotland and it wasn't until the 70's and 80's that it changed. I enjoyed Christmas when my children were young it's just as I've gotten older I can't be bothered with all the nonsense that goes with it - pushing through crowded shops, people laying in enough food to last through a biblical famine - honest the shops will only be closed for 2 days at most and I always seem to get silly presents from my family, I sometimes wonder if they have actually met me. I have been told that what I really need are grandchildren and then my attitude will change. Ah well, I hope YOU all have a good Christmas and Happy New Year.