Sunday, 15 November 2009


Didn't realise I had been away for so long, no real excuse just could not think of anything to write. I have been popping up on other blogs to add my twopence worth to the comments and as always managing to upset a few people.

In A&E (ED or ER whichever is your preference) I get asked for a fair number of emergency equipment at times; an airway, an ET tube, various drugs - all no problem I can cope with this but sometimes the requests are for things I am unable to provide.

I have been asked for a condom by a person who was passing our hospital at 2:00 in the morning and thought that we should provide these - became quite irate when told that we did not provide these things and he should have thought of this sooner, possibly while he was in the pub/club which has machines. Actually asked me what he should do without one - er, abstain?

I have had drug addicts asking for needles and syringes (at least they asked and did not just steal them) and also asking for drugs as they have had their prescription stolen. In both cases the answer was no, sorry, we do not do that.

But recently I had a patient come to me stating "it is an emergency, do you have a phone battery charger!" No, of course we don't, but he seemed to think that this was a reasonable request, perhaps I should think about this when restocking our emergency trolleys, but at least he didn't ask for one stat!

I get pissed off when some young doctor goes all ER or Casualty on me and uses the word 'stat', it is meaningless and just annoys everyone. We will get the job done as fast as we can, you shouting out orders like an actor in a drama will get you nowhere. I have even been known to ensure that this word does not get uttered by saying to young and eager doctors "The first one to say 'stat' or 'right people lets move' gets slapped". It usually lightens tension and gives people a laugh.