Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hello all, or anyone who is still around. It appears to have been 2 years since I last posted - doesn't time fly?

As you will be aware, there is a referendum coming up in Scotland and in 2 weeks we all get to decide if we want to stay in the union or get rid of the b*****d English.

I have kept my opinions to myself over the last while but we are getting closer to the big day so I thought I would give you my thoughts.

I think Scotland would do well on its own, I think we could handle independence with only a few problems. I believe that the monetary nonsense and membership of the EU will all sort itself out eventually.

The thing is though, I DON'T WANT IT! 

I want to continue as part of the UK. I like England, as I have said before, my wife is English, I have family in England. So it finally came to me today - I will vote no. Not because I don't believe Scotland can make it but because I believe we ARE better together.