Saturday, 7 August 2010


A rant this morning, I saw this story on the news last night and immediately started shouting and throwing things at the screen. This man hurt his knee 15 years ago and has not worked since and because he has now won £11 million he will be able to afford to get his knee fixed. This man is a lazy, selfish swine, he could have had an operation on his knee any time from the NHS. He states he is unable to work but can drive a car - if you can drive a car you can work, people in wheelchairs manage to work, people with no legs manage to work. No, this man hurt his knee and decided that he enjoyed sponging off the state and took our money. Sometime over the past 15 years a job that he could do must have come up.
So good luck to you Peter Redkin for winning the money, but at least now you will be one less drain on society.

I have just had a trawl through the internet and I must be wrong about this - the comments after the Daily Mail story about him agree with me. Now that is a worry.