Monday, 8 September 2008


Those of us who work in health related fields particularly nurses ambulance people and doctors have a rather strange bodily function which we all seem to develop. This is the ever expanding bladder. In my case I go to the toilet at 7:00pm and suddenly realise that the last time I was at the toilet was 6:30 am that morning. I really, really need to drink more water.

On a related subject, young guy came in to us complaining of passing blood, no pain but urine was red. OK asked the usual questions, being doing anything different, strenuous or kinky but no, nothing unusual. Checked vitals and put him in a cubicle. Got a specimen of urine and tested it - no blood, not even microscopic amounts. Asked again anything out of the ordinary? Oh yes, I was eating a load of beetroot yesterday.

My cold is better, and my wife still has not got it, but strangely enough all her workmates are starting to phone in sick with colds. I told you, 'Typhoid Mary'.


cellar_door said...

Hehe - I thought I was some sort of least I'm not alone in the pee thing...

Anonymous said...

Ha! One of the guys at work grows beetroot so we've all been eating the fruits of his labour recently!!

How can you mistake it! Your pee (and incidently poo as well!) is bright PURPLE!!

Marvellous thing the human body!

gab said...

will I could go that long with out going! lol
You jinked me........Ive got your cold!

Ruby said...

I had an addiction to jars of pickled beetroot a while ago, which is quite a good addiction to have as it isn't particularly fattening. But yes, it does have an effect on your wee and poo. I would describe the colour as purple for poo and fuschia pink for wee.