Monday, 20 April 2009


I have been missing for a while as I have had no internet access - my computer broke and I had to get a new one and then I struggled to set up my internet.

Margaret Haywood is a nurse who did undercover filming for television and has now been struck off by the NMC for breaching patient confidentiality. This means that all health care professionals are at risk of being struck off if they tell the public what is happening - management really don't want you to know how bad your local hospital is. This includes bloggers, so I have been unable to write much recently as (apart from no internet) I have been unable to find things which were anonymous enough to not be recognisable.
The RCN is fighting for her and there is an online petition to help her available here please sign it, every little helps.
Unfortunately Margaret was always going to be struck off, this is not new and I have blogged before about how shabbily Graham Pink was treated 20 years ago and nothing has changed.


Mel Content said...

Jah...they're going to come after us as well one day soon...and it won't be because of the funny stories but because we all occassionaly criticise the government

Nurse Anne said...

Does anyone know what happened to Mental Nurse?

Anonymous said...

Maybe "blogging" will wake up the general public to the appalling state to which bureacracy is reducing the various government funded public services. I had no idea how it was until I started reading blogs. Like most people I assumed that the hospitals were slack and uncaring, and the same goes for police, schools etc.
Now we can hear from the frontline workers and I hope that the "powers that be" will eventually listen. Surely they can't sack all whistleblowers or is that too optimistic?

Anonymous said...

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