Sunday, 31 January 2010

Following on from my last post about nursing numbers in Scotland I find this little piece. Nursing numbers to be cut by 13,000???? WTF? As the current vernacular has it. If you are working short staffed now, where are they going to make the cuts? Especially when you consider that we have an ageing population which is increasing as the baby boomers are only going to get sicker as they live longer and sicker patients need more resources, basic health economics I would have thought.

Recently we had the horror of Mid Stafford where over 1000 people may have died unnecessarily - why? Well here is a quote which may help point you in the right direction

"Over the years, many clinicians had noticed deterioration in the standards of patient care, which became particularly acute approximately three years ago when major cutbacks were made in staffing numbers. This included a ­savage reduction in the number of nursing staff."
The whole article can be found here.

So despite Scotland being criticised for having a higher nurse/doctor to patient ratios I hope we keep this and as health is a devolved issue as long as we can keep those Labour sycophants out we should be if not OK then at least a bit better. To think that Labour is supposed to be the party of the people, they are not the party of any people I know.

Thanks to Militant Medical Nurse.


Mike said...

It does seem odd that health care as a global business continues to cut services is some way or another. Here in the US where I am, specifically in the Boston area, several of the big teaching hospitals last summer cut hundreds of nursing jobs and had layoffs in an attempt to bring budgets back in line. At my hospital here on Cape Cod (Massachusetts) we laid off or dropped 169 positions last summer.

I work in the ER and we are consistently short handed especially during the evening and night hours despite a growing census.

You also bring up another valid point which I have been mentioning regularly that with the 85 year old and older population growing faster than any other segment of the population, the need for more health care services will continue to rise as the entire population globally ages. Most people at least in the US spend more health care dollars in their last 30 days of life than over the course of their entire life.

So how does anyone expect to improve health care by cutting resources when the need continues to rise? No idea.

My favorite saying these days is this when it comes to nursing and provding care:
We've been doing so much with so litte for so long that we're qualified to do everything with nothing forever.

StorytellERdoc said...

Interesting to read about another country's health care. Always. I appreciated your perspective and thank you.

gab said...

Yes everyone will suffer when they make the cuts. We have many many ads trying to get people to go to school to become a nurse. My daughter went to the ER last night and after waiting 5 hrs and no one seeing her she left. Now can you even begin to think if they cut the nursing staff that wait will be longer yet. I just hope they were working on someone injured so much that it took every single person to care for them because if not we too will have people die unnecessary. Heaven help us all.

Anonymous said...

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