Thursday, 6 May 2010


Well, I have voted. Have you? If not get out and do it. My personal opinion, voting should be compulsory with a fine for those who don't vote without good reason.
During my training I was working in a locked ward in our local psychiatric hospital and one of the patients asked to vote. Was quite upset when told that he couldn't as he was barred because he was in the hospital. Is this still the case? Are psychiatric inpatients still barred from voting?

My son told me he did not know who to vote for, well in this election I can understand that as there is not a lot to choose between the main parties. The advice I gave him was, if you can't find someone to vote for then vote against someone or something.

Just as an aside, why is it that out of 8 candidates in my constituency 4 of them do not live in the area. One even lives 90 miles away - how can s/he represent me from 90 miles, they have no conception of the issues I live with - stupid.

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