Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hello all, or anyone who is still around. It appears to have been 2 years since I last posted - doesn't time fly?

As you will be aware, there is a referendum coming up in Scotland and in 2 weeks we all get to decide if we want to stay in the union or get rid of the b*****d English.

I have kept my opinions to myself over the last while but we are getting closer to the big day so I thought I would give you my thoughts.

I think Scotland would do well on its own, I think we could handle independence with only a few problems. I believe that the monetary nonsense and membership of the EU will all sort itself out eventually.

The thing is though, I DON'T WANT IT! 

I want to continue as part of the UK. I like England, as I have said before, my wife is English, I have family in England. So it finally came to me today - I will vote no. Not because I don't believe Scotland can make it but because I believe we ARE better together.


Julie said...

Dear Grumps,

Good to see you back. Just before you put that X in the box, check out the Transatlantic Trade Investor Partnership or TTIP for short. You can pop over to mine for details. And, yep, it's not good I'm afraid..

GAB said...

I sometimes wish we all were still under one ruler. Our idea of electing a President might be ok at times but lets face it some of these foold have run us so far into the ground that we will never see our way out. And as for being free..the way they have sh*t here now we dont have much say in anything because the President over rules us. Like that great Obama care. What a joke that is. Here my hubby is all ready to retire and what happens we have to get insurance or be fine. Ok so we check out insurance and find out we cant afford Obamacare! What choice did we have? not many. Well as luck would have it his old boss called him back and he went back to work in time to get insurance and not be fine. Ok I'm done.....BTW I'm back sorta but under a new name I'm now DeerGrAnnie. Come visit.

GAB said...

Merry Christmas

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GAB said...

what are your opinions about the split now?

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