Saturday, 19 April 2008

Ghosts in the system

This is not my story, but I will tell it as it was told to me with names changed.

A friend of mine once worked in a cardiothoracic unit in a large city. One night shift they were looking after the usual sick patients and expecting Mrs. Smith to die that night - family were called and everyone prepared. Another patient had overheard and stated to them "Mrs Smith is not going to die tonight but Mr. Jones over there is". "No, no" they said, "He is fine, it Mrs. Smith who is dying". the patient then said "No, Mr. Jones will die tonight as I can see all his relatives around him waiting for him". This is taking place after visiting time and the ward was empty except for staff and patients. Later that night Mr. Jones died unexpectedly and Mrs. Smith survived the night.

I tell this story because Jobbing doctor has something similar on his site here and every nurse has heard stories about green ladies, grey ladies etc. When I do nightshift in one part of the hospital, I am convinced I can hear a baby crying although there is no way that a baby can be in that area - other nurses have heard it too. Although I have wandered all over our old hospital on nightshift I have neither seen or heard anything out of the ordinary. One of my friends, a big rough tough guy is absolutely convinced that our old department is haunted. I leave it to the reader to give any explanations or reasons.


Faith Walker said...

I think that is a lovely story.

Apparently when I was born, my mum remembers a "smell". It was the smell of my dads mum. She had been SO excited to find out that my mum was pregnant, but she never got to see the birth.

Well, not "in body" anyway...

Anonymous said...

I went to see a medium last year and was completely blown away by the accurancy of the people he 'brought through' for me.

I'm much more open to this idea of souls and looking out for each other on the 'otherside' than religion....... look at the world and how many of its problems are religion based.......... a little bit of 'haunting' never hurt anyone (well not outside of Hollywood anyway!)

Anonymous said...

He had a 50 percent chance of being correct. If that guy hadn't of died you'd not have given his ramblings any significance. We tend to give credit to hits and igrore the misses.

There are many more misses than hits - we just don't acknowledge them.

Nothing supernatural here at all.

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