Thursday, 3 April 2008

Young Doctors and new technology.

We've got new docs! Aren't they cute? However, one of them is not going to last. FY1 (JHO in the old money) was overheard speaking to someone and saying that he loves working in a heirarchical environment, as "he was able to tell people what to do". Oh dear, he is going to learn, and probably the hard way, that he is actually at the bottom of the heap. But they are there to learn and it is our job to teach them, but how he has got this far with such a stupid attitude?

Mr Grumpy has embraced modern technology, I have a mobile phone with a camera and MP3 player. My last phone was just that - a phone, nothing fancy it received and sent messages and calls and all was well in my world. This phone is WAP enabled and is driving me demented as I do not have a clue how to change my number or download or even make a call on this one. Does anyone have a spare teenager I can borrow?


the little medic said...

there are a few people like that in 5th year so i can well imagine where they come from. Hope you enjoy teaching them a lesson

GrumpyRN said...

The vast majority of junior docs are great and are really nice people, smart and eager to learn. But there is always one who thinks they know it all or that nursing staff can't teach them anything.

Stephen said...

In my view everybody must go through it.
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