Monday, 6 October 2008


Isn't it nice when people fall in love? You hope that they will be happy and that it will last and they can go onwards into the future together as a couple. The reality in A&E is somewhat different. Young couple brought in from the street by ambulance, both absolutely out of it with alcohol. Both 20 so should know a bit better. She had wet herself and had vomited so her face and hair was covered in puke - lovely! He was only drunk. We put them in separate cubicles on trolleys but next thing he was in her room talking to her and holding her hand, fair enough, it will keep them both quiet for a bit. Next thing we hear is him climbing on the trolley to lie beside her and we can see this on the security cameras, so someone went to stop this. By the time they got there they were really trying to 'get it on' in a very confined space and although love will find a way, it won't in our department, in public and on camera. So we separated them and put him back in his cubicle by which time he was covered in her puke. They left 2 minutes later hand in hand and she was giving us abuse for being perverts(?). Ah well, I'm sure the long walk home would cool their ardour as no taxi would take them the state they were in.


Anonymous said...

She'll complain when she is seen in an unfavourable light when the tape ends up on YouTube!

My mate was out mountain walking and came across a couple in the full throws of an 'encounter' in the middle of the path!

Do these people have no common sense?!

Mike said...

I wish I could say I have never heard of such things, but that would be a lie. I have had several similar experiences during my tenure as an ED nurse. People always amaze me.

gab said...

Some people! When I worked in Nursing home it was the other NAR's doing it in the residents rooms!

Paula said...

And we ask ourselves why nursing is so hard