Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Thank you

Wow, I have 6 followers, thank you every one of you and thank you to every one who spends some time of their day reading the "stuff what I wrote" I really appreciate it. If I do not put you down for following it is not personal it is just that I don't have the computer skills to add you. I read a lot of blogs on Google reader as it saves having to look at every blog and I only see the ones that are updated. So thank you again.


Elaine said...

Funnily enough, if you read the posts in blogger, you can set up the people you follow and from then on, you need only read the posts that have been update dsince you last read them. (That's why I follow you as it is much easier than going through all my "favourites" only to discover that half of them haven't been updated.

gab said...

Well I didnt make the list but I am!