Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Hello to anyone who is left looking at these meanderings. It is 3 years since I last posted - about the Scottish Independence Referendum.

So just a short note to tell you I have finally retired - I am now an Ex Nurse.

Still too soon to tell what it is like but I am looking forward to getting over the extended holiday feel of it.

I have said before that I like building period ships so I can hopefully finally get down to doing that and catching up with my reading. I may even do some voluntary work once I find someone or some organisation who wants me. Who knows? I may even take up blogging again!


GAB said...

Congrats and welcome to retirement!

A Nurse Practitioner's World said...

Congrats on retirement. Sorry, though, once a nurse always a nurse. No “ex nurses” here :). Hope you enjoy. Time to care for yourself after devoting your career to caring for others!