Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sex on the wards (again) and Angry nurses

Just when all the sensationalism was dying down and nursing was getting back to normal The Sun has got a front page article here about a male nurse having sex with a mentally ill patient. What is it with these people, they should know they are going to get caught, and they are just making life difficult for the 99.99% of us who behave. No one will remember that in over 25 years I and my colleagues have never abused anyone but this idiot, oh and the guy who was found guilty of killing patients a couple of weeks back are the ones that are remembered. When I came in to nursing it was very unusual to have male nurses but we worked at it and gained the trust and respect of patients and colleagues but there is always some clown will spoil it.

In another blog Disappearing John has written about nursing blogs that only seem to be about how bad peoples jobs are and how they hate their work and their patients and their colleagues. He suggests that perhaps if things are that bad they should move on and find another area of work. I had a look through some of my posts and there are one or two negative things but I think they are balanced by some other posts. In case they are not, let me put some perspective on my work; I love it, I would not do anything else and I have great colleagues. Last year when I was ill I was overwhelmed by the response from my colleagues and even last week when I was admitted over the weekend they were great. I would also like to say that my immediate management has been very supportive of me. However, I would like to say that I am lucky where I work as there are other areas that I would not work in for a pension. So in future I will try to remember that I think I am lucky but some more money would be good.

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the little medic said...

It is the same for all professions. It is the same with doctors. Nobody cares about the thousands of doctors who flog their heart out day in day out, but those who make front page news for abusing patients/killing patients/etc damage the reputation of everyone.

I blame the media.