Monday, 16 June 2008

Fathers Day

What did you get for Fathers day? I got the chance to work a full shift and see a lot of injured people, actually had a good day, and even managed to get home on time. Mrs. Grumpy had made my favourite meal and the kids had left cards, well one had left a card, the other card had been delivered via those fine people at moonpig. Is there any presents for me? I asked. No, eldest is giving you a combined Fathers day and birthday present which you will get next week and my youngest's present (also a combined one) is coming in the post. Do I want to know what it is? What a dilemma, of course I want to know but if it is good then I will want it NOW, if it is poor I will have the time to practice my "isn't that wonderful" look. So I decide, no I will wait. After all I am middle aged and not a little boy waiting for Christmas - although I'm sure if you ask any wife she will tell you we are all little boys. I will keep you posted.
MY dad received his card and present on Saturday in plenty of time - but that was only because Mrs. Grumpy dealt with it all.

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