Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Being Scottish

At last, we men are getting a screening all of our own. Women have, quite rightly, had smear tests and breast screening for years and we have had at best bowel cancer screening - although this is a unisex one. Finally, there is one being offered to men only. It's for Aortic Aneurysms see the report here. Unfortunately for the rest of the UK it is only being offered in Scotland. Now I don't know if this was first thought up by the previous labour executive but it has come in under the SNP executive, and along with other things that are going on up here - prescriptions going down in price until they are free springs immediately to mind, makes you wonder if one bunch of Scots can do some things so well and so popular, what happened to the other Scot in Number 10 Downing Street? Why are they not offering this screening down South? Being Scottish has it's advantages, despite what they say in Trainspotting. Unfortunately we still have the highest death rates from Heart problems in the UK.


Anonymous said...

AH! You gotta love it up here!

If I'm saying that after my weekend night shifts it'll be a miracle!!

GrumpyRN said...

I am proud and happy to be Scottish, but I don't look at the world through tartan tinted spectacles. I love going down to England and one of my most favourite places is the Lake District (love those hills), and what is worse, my wife is English.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love Scotland, was a big reason for moving up here, everywhere has its 'moments'

Some people were horrified when I said I was coming to Glasgow........ my reply was "well its no worse than moss side!"