Monday, 30 June 2008


Saturday was very busy and not made any easier by the drug addict who informed me that he had missed his chemist and did not have his medication - what was I going to do about it! Answer, nothing pal, it is your problem. He then thought he would try the guilt card - if we did not give him medication, he would be forced to get illicit drugs. This does not work on me or our department so he was thinking about getting aggressive and abusive but thankfully changed his mind and left. If you had not thought that it was 5:00am instead of 5:00pm you might have realised that you need to get to the chemist instead of coming to us and telling us that your head was "buzzing". He managed to get a taxi to the department and blamed the taxi driver for not telling him it was the afternoon instead of the morning. How does he manage to afford a taxi? I have been unemployed in the past and struggled to afford bus fares never mind taxi fares, but then I always wasted my unemployment benefit on food and rent for my family. I'm really starting to wonder if being unproductive and lazy and sitting at home sponging from the state is the best way to go. Never mind, I will do enough sponging from the state when I retire in a few years, only problem is, I have managed to build up a pension through the NHS so it is unlikely I will qualify for benefits when I retire. Ah well, can I still work as a nurse at 70?

After having to work Saturday I decided I needed some down time, so having relatives in Dundee I went there to catch the Blues Bonanza on Sunday. Absolutely superb and I can thoroughly recommend it if you like live music in a nice friendly atmosphere. A couple of bands I saw were the Rattlesnakin' Daddies and The Jed Thomas Band, very very good. Next year I will make sure I am off for the whole weekend.

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