Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Fathers Day (The Answers)

I was going back over some of the things I have written and I realised I have forgotten to tell you what I got from my kids.
I received a book I wanted, a new rugby shirt and a model boat tool from one and a model 18th Century boat to build from the other - they know I love 18th Century sailing ships and they are expensive to buy. Wife gave me a (expensive) DVD collection that I wanted for my birthday. All in all, very nice of them and I will make sure that they are remembered in my will


Elaine said...

As long as your will does not say "and to this child I leave x credit card with £x,000 debt on it, to wife I leave that loan of £y,000 and so on. ;-)

gab said...

You will give yours more than I will give mine. The way its going around here, grandkids will get everything kids will get zero, zip, nada, NOTHING!

GrumpyRN said...

elaine, if I thought my kids would go for that I would give them my debts and leave everything else to my wife, instead of me paying let them pay.
Gab, unfortunately unlike you I have no grandchildren. I have two boys and the older one has married a career woman - and I still love her - and the youngest one is a confirmed bachelor. I would love to be a grandad and my wife wwould love to be a granny but it looks like it is not to be.