Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Summertime, and the living is........... painful!
It has started, we are seeing kids coming in with nasty fractures to wrists, elbows and even clavicles. Has there been a mass outbreak of child abuse? Well yes, in a way. Their parents have bought them trampolines for the garden.
Trampolines are great fun, bouncing away, getting rid of all that energy, playing with pals and annoying the neighbours. What more could a red blooded child want? Well, a bit of supervision would be nice.
Trampolines are great, trampolines are fun, trampolines are good exercise, trampolines are DANGEROUS!
If you give your kids a trampoline, supervise them, one child at a time on the thing, use the safety nets, they are higher than they look.
I have seen more injuries where the patient had a good chance of losing their limb from trampoline accidents than from motorbike accidents.


Anonymous said...

I used to compete at trampolining and remember the warnings on the support struts........ "Somersualts can cause crippling injuries" I wonder if the back garden variety also carry this warning sticker?! Or if it is stuck in the small print on the instructions no one ever reads.

Mike said...

I too work in an ED, these trampolines may be fun, but as you mention they can be very dangerous. Fractures of wrists and arms are minor compared to injuries that end you up in a wheelchair. I have seen several types of these neck injuries to children and adults over the years. A few minutes of fun and a lifetime of disability.

Clifford said...

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