Monday, 14 July 2008

Google Analytics

I was put on to google analytics by some fellow bloggers and thought I would give it a try, it has given me a couple of strange results already. Someone asked google "what happened to Lakelandcam?" and I am the top result - weird. Sorry Tony Richardson who owns Lakelandcam I did not mean to steal your thunder and I have credited the photo I took from your site. As I have said in an answer to a comment I love the English lake district and have put one of most favourite hills at the bottom of this blog. I find Catbells such a nice place, peaceful and invigorating. The only thing wrong is that it is too popular and there can be a lot of people about but I have a fix for that. In the lakes people seem to get off the hills very early and I find that come 4:00pm it can be quiet whereas I am used to the Scottish hills where you can still be at the top of a hill at 6:00pm so I have no problem staying out that little bit later to get the peace and tranquility I want.
For some beautiful pictures go to updated (almost) daily.

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