Sunday, 17 August 2008

More Sunday thoughts

I don't care what we say in public, when all hell is breaking loose in resus, when you have 2 patients with multiple injuries, another 2 are expected, patients with chest pains and difficulty in breathing are presenting at your door that is when it is really fun. This is why we work in A&E.

Why is it, that I will still smile at you when you tell me "the wife" or "pain" or "hospitals" or "work" when I ask you if you are allergic to anything? Do you have any idea how many times I have heard that? Oh, and by the way, you either have or do not have an allergy, telling me "well not really" is not helpful.

Why am I polite to the 19 year old ned who thinks he is a hard man but isn't and I am abrupt to the real hard man who could kick me all round the department and not get breathless? Do I have a death wish? I certainly have poor judgement at times.

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Mike said...

I think the answer Grumpy is the plain fact that here and there the medical literacy of the general public is so bad that after awhile we get frustrated with the never ending stupidity of the human race. Let's face it, resus as you call it, the ER or ED as I call it are not places where you find the more intellectual people.

I used to want to help educated patients in the ED but most of the time I don't now because I keep getting my hand slapped by the admin side of the house. People don't like it when you tell them what they are doing or have done is not terribly smart and it would be better to....... Not to mention I am only one tiny little smart person in a sea of ignorance and idiots. I tossed my towel in the center of the ring a long time ago. Now a days it is just easier to say, "O.K.".