Friday, 29 August 2008


I'm back, sorry but I have been busy at work and not had time to post and I have also been sick. Nothing serious just a touch of Bubonic Plague or Double (treble?) Pneumonia or terminal Flu with a touch of Ebola.
Yes you're right, I had a cold, which lasted for 3 days. No I did not stay off work, I took some paracetamol and lots and lots of handkerchiefs. It is amazing the advice you get from people about how to deal with colds but I am of the Barbara Woodhouse school of thought which says that the virus just wants to be tucked up in bed with a nice hot lemon drink so I refuse to give it what it wants.
I hate being sick, one of the good things about getting older is that you don't get so many colds as you have met all the viruses in the past and your body has developed the immunity required. So it is annoying when you do get one. Strangely my wife did not get a cold so I must have got this one from her (is she a typhoid Mary?).

While I was feeling miserable a young foreign guy attended the department with obvious flu. Normally I am quite harsh with people who present at A&E with flu as all they are doing is infecting the waiting room and the staff and we are not going to do anything for them. But I did feel a bit sorry for this youngster. He had obviously heard of the wonders of the NHS and his presenting complaint to me was "I have the flu, I need someone to look after me," you are absolutely right, you do need someone to look after you but it ain't going to be us. What a shame, poor kid, I gave him appropriate advice and sent him home to bed - it is his mum he needs, not hospital.


Anonymous said...

I am with you! Hate being ill, in fact I go into denial the moment I get hit with anything and soldier on ignoring it generally infecting everyone else!!

Every so often my body has a paddy at the this attitude and floors me completely to make me stop!! Last time this happened I fainted on a ward after transfering patient to the stretcher! I came to to hear the little old lady I had been stood next to repeating the question "Where did she go?"

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I agree that the flu and colds need to be treated appropriately. Too often, people want antibiotics for obvious virals and such.

gab said...

Yuck I hate getting sick.That starve a cold feed a fever(or visa versa)was all nonsence to me. But Im sure glad your doing better.

grumpyoldwoman said...

WOW - another grumpy! Hope you dont mind that I have added you to my blogs-I-like list. Will return to read more of yours when I have stopped coughing/staring at my ulcered tonsil/wincing about my poor knee.