Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sunday thoughts

A couple of times I have mentioned the arrogance of doctors in their dealings with nurses, other members of the team and the public and their thinking that sometimes the rules don't apply to them. It is therefore with a bit schadenfreude that I have discovered that they are equally arrogant with each other. Apparently a junior doctor in Highland region has been suspended for daring to write about the person who masterminded the MTAS/MMC debacle in a less than complimentary manner. What he wrote so upset the person concerned's friend that she had another senior doctor in the Highland deanery suspend this doctor. The full story (and follow ups) can be found here, here and here, at least the poor guy has been reinstated but only after the newspapers became involved. So I give you exhibit A, the arrogance of senior doctors who think that they can screw up someones career because they do not like what they have said and never mind whether it is aimed at them or whether it is factual, oh, and by the way, sod employment law. A few years ago junior doctors were controlled by the fear of getting a bad reference from a consultant but that seems to have changed, now it is fear of friends in high places getting you thrown off your training. I am going to ask a question, is their any realistic way of disciplining, controlling or getting rid of senior doctors? Answers on a P45 please.

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