Friday, 14 August 2009

Dear America

OK America, what are you doing? In the past 3 days I have become aware of some really serious nonsense and downright lies that are being said about the NHS. First Dr. Crippen pointed out an idiot Conservative MEP -that no-one here has ever heard of - who uses lies and out of date and distorted figures to tell you rubbish and now there is this from FOX news which I picked from Ben Goldacre's site which is a blog which only ever uses researched and verifiable information and is dedicated to pointing out the truth.
Please be aware, the NHS that is being promoted in these 'news' segments bears absolutely no resemblance to the NHS that I work in and that I access as a patient. Can I point you to this, this is more like the NHS that I love and use.

Always always remember, if someone is telling you something is rubbish, always check their motives -who is paying them and who stands to benefit from the status quo.


Granny Anne said...

I think those who are shouting loudest about the imperfections of the NHS have probably never used it (including the Tory MEP)

Anonymous said...

No smart American watches Fox News! Unfortunately, there are plenty of idiots here to keep their ratings solid - and swallow and spread blatant lies about health care reform. If so many of my fellow Americans are so set against "the government running my healthcare", why aren't they pledging to decline their Medicare benefits? I don't see that happening. Just goes to show, you can't make stupid people smart. If you haven't already guessed, I'm one of those "radical commie" Americans (i.e. believes in social justice). Really disgusted with my country right now. Starting to believe my elected officials could screw up a sandwich!

gab said...

as an american I will say this....I never listen to what anyone says I look up the info myself to see what is turth or fiction. There are so many who make up such crap just to get noticed or just to start a fear of something, it is stupid to even belive.(but some people are sooo gullible.)And crap that was true many years ago cant always be true today with our world ever changing. So with that said...DAMN AMERICANS anyways lol.