Wednesday, 5 August 2009

la fenetre

Today's word is "Fenestrate" from the French 'fenetre' for window.

I first came across the idea of someone being fenestrated over 30 years ago when I read a collection of short stories by Arthur C Clarke called "Tales from the White Hart", one of the stories was about a character being thrown out of a window.

Why is fenestrate the word of today? Well, I have just seen 3 patients who had window related accidents. One bumped his head on a window, one put his hand through a window and one fell out of a window. All were fine although the one who fell out of the window did require admission for observation. Isn't it lucky that kids bounce when they fall from heights, this one certainly was.


Dr Grumble said...

Surely it is from the Latin fenestratus (past participle of fenestrare)?

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