Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Doctor Crippen

I see Dr Crippen is at it again, this time he is having a go at Mental Health nurses having a 2 and a half day refresher course on general nursing.
Now when I did my stint in psychiatry (a long time ago) there were some incidents where patients with a physical illness were only picked up by the students and the permanent staff did not know what was going on purely because this was so far out of their training and comfort zone. I am sure that over the years this has improved, but mental Health nurses are still not trained to primarily look after sick people and even if they are newly qualified it may have been 18-24 months since they last looked after an ill person.
You would think with this that Dr Crippen would welcome an opportunity for these nurses to refresh their knowledge, but no, he carps on about dumbing down (again) and thinks that this will make more "quacktitioners".

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