Sunday, 10 February 2008


Do kids really think they can do what they like? I ask as I saw one teenager of about 14 who appeared with a teacher who stated that this little "cherub" had been assaulted on his way to school but did not know the details.
Right enough the poor lad had a sore nose and a few other bruises.
Teacher was not really saying much and on questioning the child all became clear.
Youngster was on his way to school but decided to open someones front door on the off chance he could nick something. Turns out owner of the house was home and and gave the little darling what is commonly known as a "Glasgow Kiss" plus a slap to remind him he should knock first.
Result, one chastened youngster not really hurt but with a valuable lesson in real life. I know this can sound appalling. Child abuse at it's worst, "how dare an adult lay hands on a child " etc. etc., but to me and my colleagues it was a deserved punishment of a little toerag who would have helped himself to anything he fancied. Sorry, not supposed to judge our patients.

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