Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Hi to anyone who is reading this. I have just started after reading a few medical blogs and felt that some are great, some are good and others are just the ravings of deluded megalomaniacs. I hope to take this opportunity to put over the nursing side from someone who remembers the "old" days. I am that thing which some doctors seem to hate; I am a Nurse Practitioner but this will not be a "them and us" area, well it might a little bit. I just want to get things off my chest and not worry too much about grammar and/or spelling. It will mostly be about the public (bless 'em) without whom I would be unemployed, and also some colleagues will make appearances. It is really to help me de-stress.
I am not going to write every day as I don't have time but I will update it as and when.

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