Saturday, 22 March 2008

Oh dear! Here we go again.

Mr Grumpy likes a few sherbets on Friday night, this is a custom which has gone back years. People I work with all know this and almost all who live in the direction of the pub/club I frequent have been coerced into giving me a lift. I would like to point out that the maximum I have is 5 pints (10 units) and is usually only 4 pints. Although this is officially classed as binge drinking it is the only alcohol I have all week so I don't feel too bad about it. However, the point of this entry.
Last night I had the usual 4 pints but came home and had another 2 tins of cider (my wife was working night shift and was not there to keep me in check) and then I made the big mistake - I went onto the computer and looked at the blogs I have marked as favourites, . Oh dear! I apologize to anyone I have offended as I tend to get a bit bumptious with alcohol and tell people (online) what I think of their comments, the problem is that occasionally I have a sensible moment and delete my comments without publishing them but sometimes they get through uncensored. So to Nurse K at Crass-Pollination: An ER Blog and anyone else I have offended again I apologize.

I am now off to work to try to forget my little madnesses and hopefully fix other peoples.

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gab said...

lol sometimes your entitled to have a bad moment! But as Im not one who might have been offened its only my opinion. But I will forgive